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Breaker Panel
XXXXXXYou may know it as your fusebox, circuit breaker, panel board or power breaker.
Service Upgrade
XXXXXXTypically an older residence with service size of 100 amps or less and an increase the amperage is desired.
Home Wiring
XXXXXXNew installation during construction or adding/rewiring existing homes.
Indoor & Outdoor Lighting
XXXXXXRecessed lighting, chandeliers, ceiling fans, outdoor landscape ambiance lighting, flood lights, sconces.
XXXXXXShorts, intermittent service & other problems. Don't take risks, be safe and allow us to help you.
CFL Bulb Recycling
XXXXXXThe are a great evolution in lighting technology but they need to be disposed properly. CONTACT US!!
XXXXXXPlease use the "Comments" field below to tell us how we can serve you.

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